Round I ? Sloan Only bidding has opened

Spring 2019 Sloan Innovation Period (SIP)

March 18th through March 21st


SIP Workshop Bidding is now closed. Results are posted under Current Bids and Results.


See the MBA MySloan SIP Site for a complete list of SIP workshops and descriptions, and view the schedule via the Sloan Course Browser (2019SI). Your SIP Audit will be available after SIP occurs.

Earning SIP Units for the MBA SIP Requirement:

  1. Credit is contingent on FULL participation in the seminar ? for on-campus workshops this means attending every day. Partial attendance or late arrival (10+ minutes) will not earn you SIP units. Please arrange for any spring break travel to begin the day after your SIP workshop ends.
  2. Credit is contingent on signing the attendance sheet upon arrival and when returning from a break - Any late arrivals, early departures or no signature on any given day during the stream will be processed as zero SIP units. Please make sure you sign in every day and record arrival time.
  3. Waitlists will not be part of the SIP bidding process due to the brevity of the workshops.
  4. You may only complete a SIP workshop once for credit. You cannot complete the same SIP workshop twice and receive credit for both.
  5. Missing SIP due to job interviews, attending other classes inside and outside the institute, attending medical appointments, or departing early for travel will not earn you credit.
  6. Credit will not be awarded for attending a closed workshop unless you are on the official class roster.

Note: Any last minute conflicts, special accommodations or emergencies, please contact Sheila Canalle (do not contact the Faculty of the workshop). See a full list of Rules and Regulations here.