Welcome to Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) Bidding

Spring 2015 Sloan Innovation Period (SIP)

March 16th through March 19th



Round II bidding is now CLOSED

Add/Drop Round will OPEN on Monday, March 9th at 9am

Round II results will be posted and available when the Add/Drop Round opens.


If this is your first time accessing the bid system, please use your MIT ID as your login and password to access the site. Click Bid for Offerings to begin placing your bids.


SIP Bidding Instructions:

Please see SIP Information Resources for a complete list of SIP workshops and descriptions, bidding instructions, requirements, quick guides and FAQs.


To view a current SIP Audit: https://mysloan.mit.edu/student/Pages/sip-audit.aspx


Spring 2015 SIP Bidding Schedule:


Round I-Opens Monday, February 23rd at 9am and closes Thursday, February 26th at 9am.

Round I is reserved for MBAs and LGOs only.


Round II-Opens Monday, March 2nd at 9am and closes Thursday, March 5th at 9am.

Round II is reserved for MBAs and LGOs only.


Add/Drop Round-Opens Monday, March 9th at 9am and closes Thursday, March 12th at 9am.

Add/Drop round is open to all Sloan students who would like to participate in a SIP course.


Please see SIP Information Resources for more information. Visit MySloan to view your current SIP Audit.


Bidding Instructions:


You have 1 bid point to select your preferred SIP Stream in Round I.


If there are more bids than seats available, enrollment will be first determined by priority, then by random lottery. The closer you are to graduation, the higher your priority. Unsuccessful bids in round I will be refunded and available for use in Round II.


SIP streams that still have seats after Round I and II will be available for add/drop beginning March 9th at 9am.


Important Reminders:


Waitlists will not be part of the SIP bidding process due to the brevity of the workshops.


You will not receive partial credit for any workshops partially attended. Students are expected to attend workshops in their entirety in order to gain credit for the course. This includes workshops that meet over multiple days.


Students may not complete the same SIP workshop twice and receive credit for both.


TAs may not receive both SIP credit and be paid for their work as a TA (ie: China/India Lab, etc.).