Round I ? Sloan Only bidding has opened

Fall 2016 MIT Sloan Course Bidding


Waitlist Round is now CLOSED

Waitlist results will be available August 10th at 12pm


Use your 9-digit MIT ID as your login and password to access the bid system.

Contact coursebid@sloan.mit.edu if you experience difficulty accessing your account.

Joining a class from the waitlist

1.      Once the term begins, attend the first class.

2.      The faculty or TA will notify you when you get a seat in the class.

3.      When you have a confirmed seat, complete the online add process to add the class to your Fall schedule.

4.      You will get an email confirming your online add form has been approved.

5.      Log in once more to click Submit to Registrar to commit the change to your registration. Your registration is not complete until you take this final step!

6.      If you missed waitlist bidding, you can still join a waitlist. Just contact the TA or faculty after August 15th and request to be added. Requests are usually added in the order they are received.


Swapping Sections

1.       Once the term begins in September, you can request a section swap from the class teaching assistant (TA) or instructor.

2.       The TA will notify you if they can accommodate your swap request.

a.       In some cases, the section you want may be full. Swaps are usually managed on a first-come/first-served basis by the TA before taking new students from the waitlist.

3.       The TA will then reconcile all section swaps with Educational Services; no further action is required for the student.

Adding and Dropping Classes


Student may still add and drop classes to their Fall schedule. Click here for complete instructions.

1.      Once you submit your online registration after September 6th, you will be able to access the Online Add/Drop Form.

2.      Complete the form, click Continue to Approval, then Request Approval

3.      You will receive an email when your form has been approved (usually within 1-3 business days).

4.      Return to your form and click Submit To Registrar to complete the transaction.

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