Round I ? Sloan Only bidding has opened

Spring 2018

MIT Sloan Course Bidding




The Spring 2018 bidding period has ended


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Adding and Dropping Classes


1.     Starting January 29th, Submit your approved online registration for the Spring term

2.     Go to the Online Add/Drop Form

3.     Complete the form, click Continue to Approval, then click Request Approval

4.     You will receive an email when your add or drop request has been approved (usually within 1-3 business days).

5.     Return to your form and click Submit to Registrar to complete the transaction.

6.     Click here for complete instructions.

Joining a class from the waitlist


1.     Once the term begins, attend the class.

2.     Once you have confirmation from the faculty or TA that you have a seat in the course, complete the online add process to add the class to your schedule.

3.     Look for an email from the MIT add/drop system confirming your online add form has been approved.

4.     Log in once more to click Submit to Registrar to commit the change to your registration. Your registration is not complete until you take this final step!


If you missed waitlist bidding and would like to join a waitlist for a closed class, reach out to the instructor or TA to be added. Requests are usually managed on a first come-first served basis.

Swapping Sections


At the start of term in February, request a section swap from the class teaching assistant (TA) or instructor.


The TA will notify you if your swap request can be accommodated. Note that swaps are usually managed on a first-come/first-served basis by the TA before taking new students from the waitlist.


The TA will then reconcile all section swaps with Educational Services; no further action is required for the student.

Accessing Course Information:

Course schedule and syllabi, including an excel download can be accessed via the Sloan Course Browser.

Click the Course Information Resources tab for a list of courses that closed in Spring 2018 bidding as well as links to the MBA Leadership Elective document and other helpful tools.

See the Spring 2018 Course Notes for special course information including application-only instructions.

To view a copy of your current academic record, please see WebSIS. Click Degree Planning Tools to access audit worksheets by program, track and certificate.? For questions on course selection and program-specific information, please contact your program office or advisor.