Round I ? Sloan Only bidding has opened

Spring 2019 Sloan Innovation Period (SIP)

March 18th through March 21st


Bidding will open on Monday, February 25th at 12 noon EST.


SIP Workshop Bidding is reserved for MBAs only.


See the MBA MySloan SIP Site for a complete list of SIP workshops and descriptions.

To view a current SIP Audit: https://mysloan.mit.edu/student/Pages/sip-audit.aspx


Log in using your MIT KERBEROS username and password to access your account. Contact coursebid@sloan.mit.edu if you experience difficulty accessing your account.

Round I

Opens 12noon Monday, February 25

Closes 12noon Wednesday, February 27

Round I results posted Thursday, February 28


Round II

Opens 12noon Thursday, February 28

Closes 12noon Monday, March 4

Round II results posted Tuesday, March 5



Opens 12noon Tuesday, March 5

Closes 12noon Wednesday, March 13

Add/Drop Round results posted in real-time

Bidding Instructions:

1.    See MySloan for full Bidding Instructions.

2.    Students enrolled in the following do not need to bid on a SIP workshop; you will be automatically be pre-enrolled in the corresponding SIP course:

A.    ES.189 China/India Lab (15.225 A,B)

B.    ES.190 USA Lab (15.S02)

C.   ES.191 Operations Lab (15.784)

D.   ES.228 A,B,C Study Tours (15.228 A,B,C)

E.    ES.230 Legatum Fellows

F.    ES.580 E&I Trek

G.   ES.608 EM Track Hack-A-Thon

Important Reminders:

1.    Students enrolling in SIP workshops with a capacity of 20 or fewer must use the bid system to modify their schedule if unable to attend so another student can take the seat.

2.    Waitlists will not be part of the SIP bidding process due to the brevity of the workshops.

3.    You will not receive partial credit for any workshops partially attended. Students are expected to attend workshops in their entirety in order to gain credit for the course. This includes workshops that meet over multiple days.

4.    Students may not complete the same SIP workshop twice and receive credit for both.

5.    See a full list of Rules and Regulations here.