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Specific Courses to note in 2005/06

 Academic Year 2013-2014: A guide to when MIT Sloan electives are offered

 (The following course information -- Spring term, in particular -- may be subject to change)

 Fall Only

Spring Only

Fall & Spring

15.013, Industrial Economics

15.012, Macro & Int'l Econ

15.279 (U), Management Comm.

15.011/15.016 (U), Economic Analysis for Business Decisions

15.023J, Global Climate Change

15.301 (U)/15.310, Managerial Psych.

15.021J, Real Estate Economics

15.025, Game Theory

15.371J, Innovation Teams

15.034, Metrics for Managers: Big Data and Better Answers

15.031J, Energy Decisions, Markets and Policies

15.386, Managing in Adversity

15.054J, The Airline Industry

15.032J, Engineering, Economics and Regulation of the Electric Power Sector

15.387, Tech Sales & Sales Management

15.062J, Data  Mining

15.037J (U), Energy Econ & Policy

15.390, New Enterprises

15.073J, Logistical & Transportation Planning Methods

15.038J, Energy Econ & Policy

15.399, E-Lab

15.081J, Intro to Mathematical Programming

15.053 (U), Optimization Methods in MS

15.401/15.411 (U), Finance Theory I

15.085J, Fundamentals of Probability

15.058, Optimization Methods in OR

15.402/15.412 (U), Finance Theory II

15.093J, Optimization Methods

15.068, Statistical Consulting

15.434, Advanced Corporate Finance

15.121J, Clinical Trials in Biomedical Enterprise

15.071, The Analytics Edge

15.437, Options & Futures Markets

15.124J, Evaluating a Biomedical Business Concept

15.074J, Statistical Reasoning and Data Modeling

15.493, Perspectives on Investment Management

15.128J, Neurotechnology Ventures

15.075J (U), Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis

15.501 (U)/15.516, Corporate Financial Accounting

15.136J, Principles & Practice of Drug Development

15.077J, Statistical Learning and Data Mining

15.535, Financial Statement Analysis

15.231J, Enabling an Energy Efficient Society

15.078J, Models, Data and Inference of Socio-Technical Systems

15.615, Basic Business Law

15.232, Business Models Innovation: Global Health in Frontier Markets

15.084J, Nonlinear Programming

15.665, Power & Negotiation

15.269, Literature, Ethics & Authority

15.094J, Robust Optimizaton: Models and Computation

15.761, Intro to Operations Management

15.360, Intro to Technical Entrepreneurship (E&I Track only)

15.122J, Critical Reading & Tech. Assessment

15.769, Operations Strategy

15.366, Energy Ventures

15.123J, Dynamics of Biomedical Technologies

15.792J, Prosem in Manufacturing

15.369, Corp E-ship: Strategies for Tech Based New Business Development

15.127J, Designing and Sustaining Technology Innovation

15.810, Marketing Management

15.375J, Developmental Ventures

15.137J, Case Studies and Strategies in Drug Discovery and Development

15.871, Intro to System Dynamics

15.377J, Linked Data Ventures

15.141J, Econ of Health Care Industry

15.872, System Dynamics II

15.389, Global Entrepreneurship II:G-lab

15.218, Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities

15.900, Competitive Strategy

15.395, Global Entrepreneurship I: Entrepreneurship Without Borders

15.220, Global Strategy & Organization

15.903, Managing the Modern Organization

15.403, Intro to the Practice of Finance (MBA Finance Track only)

15.223, Global Markets, National Policies and the Competitive Advantages of Firms

15.904, Advanced Strategic Management

15.416J, Intro to Financial Economics

15.225, Economy and Business in Modern China & India

15.S03, EnActing Leadership: Shakespeare and Performance

15.426J, Real Estate Finance

15.233, Global Health Lab

15.S09 (FA)/15.S66 (SP), SSIM: Improvisational Leadership: In the Moment Leadership Skills

15.433, Investments

15.270, Ethical Practice

15.S22, Practical Leadership

15.450, Analytics of Finance

15.281, Advanced Leadership Comm

15.S71, Application of Advanced Entrepreneurial Techniques

15.451, Prosem in Capital Markets/ Investment Management

15.318, Discovering Your Leadership Signature


15.452, Prosem in Corporate Finance/ Investment Banking

15.320, Strategic Organizational Design


15.496, SSIM: Data Technologies for Quantitative Finance

15.356, How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services


15.567, The Economics of Information: Strategy, Structure & Pricing

15.358, Software and Internet Entrepreneurship


15.569, Leadership Lab: Leading Sustainable Systems (Fall thru IAP)

15.363J, Strategic Decision Making in the Biomedical Business


15.616, Basic Business Law: Key Emerging Issues

15.376J, Media Lab Entrepreneurship: Digital Innovations


15.657J, Sustainability, Trade, and the Environment

15.385, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship


15.678J, Political Econ I: Theories of the State & the Economy

15.394, Dilemmas in Founding New Ventures


15.767, Intro to Healthcare Delivery in the US

15.398, Corporations at the Crossroads


15.770J, Logistics Systems

15.427J, Real Estate Capital Markets


15.821, Listening to the Customer

15.428J, Tools for Analysis: Design for Real Estate and Infrastructure Dev.


15.822, Strategic Market Measurement

15.431, Entrepreneurial Finance


15.830, Enterprise Management Lab (EM Track only)

15.438, Fixed Income


15.833, Business to Business Marketing

15.439, Investment Management


15.933, Strategic Opportunities in Energy

15.445, Mergers and Acquisitions (formerly 15.545)


15.941J, Leadership in the Real Estate Industry

15.447, International Finance: Capital Markets



15.S04, SSIM: Global Accounting Issues

15.460, Analytics of Finance II


15.S05, SSIM: Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Lab (REAL)

15.466, Functional & Strategic Finance


15.S07, SSIM: Healthcare Ventures

15.467, Retirement Finance, Lifecycle Investing, and Asset Management


15.S10, SSIM: Executing Strategies in Volatile Markets

15.481, Financial Market Dynamics and Human Behavior


15.S12, SSIM: Practice of Finance: Applied Credit Risk Management

15.490, Practice of Finance: Private Equity and Hedge Funds


15.S13, SSIM: The Euro Area Crisis

15.491, Practice of Finance: Advanced Corporate Risk Management


15.S14, SSIM: Central Banks, Monetary Policy, and Global Financial Markets

15.518, Taxes and Business Strategy


15.S17, SSIM: Seminar in Technology,

Design and Entrepreneurship: Engineering

the End-to-End Value Chain (TATA Seminar)

15.521, Management Accounting & Control


15.S18, POF: Strategic Management of Financial Institutions

15.565J, Digital Evolution: Managing Web 3.0


15.S23, U-Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self

15.571, Business Strategy and the Role of IT


15.S66, Workshop in IT: Collaborative Innovation Networks

15.617, Basic Business Law & Finance



15.618, Law & Cutting-Edge Technologies



15.628 (U), Patents, Copyrights and the Law of Intellectual Property



15.655J, Law, Technology and Public Policy



15.660, Strategic Hum Resources



15.662J, Managing Sustainable Businesses for People & Profit



15.668 (U), People and Organizations



15.676J, Work, Employment and Industrial Relations Theory



15.762J, Supply Chain Planning



15.763J, Manufacturing Systems & Supply Chain Design



15.765J, Int'l Supply Chain Management



15.768, Managing Services: Concepts, Design & Delivery



15.771J, Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management



15.783J, Product Design & Development



15.812 (U), Marketing Management



15.818, Pricing



15.834, Marketing Strategy



15.846, Branding



15.847, Consumer Behavior



15.878, Capstone Seminar in Sustainability



15.910, Innovation Strategy



15.911, Entrepreneurial Strategy



15.912, Strategic Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship



15.913, Strategies for Sustainable Business



15.914, Competitive Dynamics and Strategy



15.915, Lab for Sustainable Business



15.S09, China and India Lab



15.S10, Operations Lab



15.S15, Entrepreneurship & Prosperity in Low Income Countries



15.S16, Entrepreneurial Product Development & Marketing



15.S23, SSIM: Leadership Beyond Cultures



15.S25, SSIM: Management of Innovation



15.S30, SSIM: Organizing for Innovative Product Development








Note that special seminar numbers, 15.Sxx (formerly 15.9xx) are repeatable, but course topics are subject to change each term.

Pre-requisites of note:

  • 15.012 (H1)/15.015 Macro. & International Economics is a pre-requisite for 15.014 Macro. & International Economics II.
  • 15.366 Energy Ventures, 15.371J Innovation Teams, or 15.390 New Enterprises are pre-requisites for 15.S16 SSIM: Entrepreneurial Product Development and Marketing and 15.S71 SSIM: Application of Advanced Entrepreneurial Techniques.
  • 15.401/15.411/15.414/15.415 Finance Theory is a pre-requisite for 15.402/15.412 Finance Theory II, 15.427J Real Estate Capital Markets, 15.429J Securitization of Mortgages and Other Assets, 15.437 Options and Futures Markets, 15.438 Fixed Income, 15.439 Investment Management, 15.460 Analytics of Finance II, 15.466 Functional and Strategic Finance, 15.467 Retirement Finance, Lifecycle Investing, and Asset Management, 15.535 Business Analysis Using Financial Statements, and 15.445 Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • 15.402/15.414/15.415 Finance Theory II is a pre-requisite for 15.431 Entrepreneurial Finance, 15.434 Advanced Corporate Finance, 15.444 International Finance: Corporate Finance, 15.464, Valuation, 15.490 Practice of Finance: Private Equity and Hedge Funds, 15.491 Practice of Finance: Advanced Corporate Risk Management, 15.493 Practice of Finance: Perspectives on Investment Management, and 15.445, Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • 15.760/15.761/15.778 Intro to Operations Management is a pre-requisite for 15.762J Supply Chain Planning, 15.763J Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design, 15.765J Global Supply Chain Management, 15.769 Operations Strategy, 15.783J Product Design and Development, and 15.S10 SSIM: Operations Lab.
  • IMPORTANT: The complete list of course prerequisites can be found through the Course Bulletin


 MBA/Sloan Fellow students, don't waste bid points:

  • 15.011, 15.310, 15.516, 15.812 - These repeat the MBA and SF core and will not count toward MBA degree requirements.