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Academic Year 2016-17

Projected class offerings by semester for the 2016-2017 academic year. This is based on the annual teaching plan and is subject to change. Please note that the teaching plan changes from year to year and the below document is for rough planning purposes only. Please also refer to the MIT Course Bulletin.


Fall Only

Spring Only

Fall & Spring

15.021J, Real Estate Economics

15.012, Macro & Int'l Econ

15.279 (U), Management Comm.

15.034, Metrics for Managers: Big Data and Better Answers

15.014, Applied Macro and Intl Econ II

15.301 (U)/15.310, Managerial Psych.

15.054J, The Airline Industry

15.032J, Engineering, Economics and Regulation of the Electric Power Sector

15.321, Improvisational Leadership: In the Moment Leadership Skills

15.062J, Data  Mining

15.037J (U), Energy Econ & Policy

15.370 (U)/.378, Building an Entrepreneurial Venture

15.068, Statistical Consulting

15.038J, Energy Econ & Policy

15.371J, Innovation Teams

15.081J, Intro to Mathematical Programming

15.053 (U), Optimization Methods in MS

15.386, Managing in Adversity

15.085J, Fundamentals of Probability

15.071, The Analytics Edge

15.387, Tech Sales & Sales Management

15.093J, Optimization Methods

15.073J, Logistical & Transportation Planning Methods

15.390/.379 (U), New Enterprises

15.124J, Evaluating a Biomedical Business Concept

15.075J (U), Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis

15.399, E-Lab

15.136J, Principles & Practice of Drug Development

15.077J, Statistical Learning and Data Mining

15.434, Advanced Corporate Finance

15.248, Israel Lab

15.078J, Models, Data and Inference of Socio-Technical Systems

15.493, Perspectives on Investment Management

15.269, Literature, Ethics & Authority

15.084J, Nonlinear Optimization

15.501 (U)/15.516, Corporate Financial Accounting

15.312 (U), Organizational Processes for Business Analytics

15.094J, Robust Optimization:? Models and Computation

15.535, Financial Statement Analysis

15.318, Discovering Your Leadership Signature

15.122J, Critical Reading & Tech. Assessment

15.615, Essential Law for Business

15.359J (U), Innovation Engineering: Moving Ideas to Impact

15.127J, Designing and Sustaining Technology Innovation

15.618, Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Legal Tools and Frameworks

15.360, Intro to Technical Entrepreneurship (E&I Track only)

15.137J, Case Studies and Strategies in Drug Discovery and Development

15.665, Power & Negotiation

15.366, Energy Ventures

15.141J, Econ of Health Care Industry

15.761, Intro to Operations Management

15.367, Healthcare Ventures

15.218, Global Economic Challenges and Opportunities

15.769, Operations Strategy

15.372, Experimental innovation Lab

15.221, Global Strategy and Organization

15.792J, Proseminar in Manufacturing

15.375J, Developmental Ventures

15.225, Economy and Business in Modern China & India

15.810, Marketing Management

15.389, Global Entrepreneurship Lab

15.228,? Spec Sem in Intl Mgmt: MBA Study Tour

15.871, Intro to System Dynamics

15.395, Entrepreneurship Without Borders

15.232,? Business Model Innovation: Global Health in Frontier Markets

15.872, System Dynamics II

15.403, Intro to the Practice of Finance (MBA Finance Track only)

15.270, Ethical Practice

15.900, Competitive Strategy

15.416J, Intro to Financial Economics

15.281, Advanced Leadership Comm

15.904, Advanced Strategic Management

15.418, Laboratory in Corporate Finance

15.282, EnActing Leadership: Shakespeare and Performance

15.426J, Real Estate Finance

15.320, Strategic Organizational Design

15.431, Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital

15.324, Practical leadership

15.433, Financial Markets

15.356, Product and Service Development in the Internet Age

15.437, Options & Futures Markets

15.358, Software and Internet Entrepreneurship

15.451, Prosem in Capital Markets/ Investment Management

15.363J, Strategic Decision Making in the Biomedical Business

15.452, Prosem in Corporate Finance/ Investment Banking

15.364, SSIM: Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Lab (REAL)

15.460, Financial Engineering

15.376J, Media Lab Entrepreneurship: Digital Innovations

15.496, Practice of Finance: Data Technologies for Quantitative Finance

15.385, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

15.565J, Digital Evolution: Managing Web 3.0

15.392, Entrepreneurial Product Development and Marketing

15.567, The Economics of Information: Strategy, Structure & Pricing

15.398, Corporations at the Crossroads



15.569, Leadership Lab: Leading Sustainable Systems (Fall thru IAP)

15.417, Laboratory in Investments



15.570, Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics

15.427J, Real Estate Capital Markets

15.572, MIT Analytics Lab

15.428J, Tools for Analysis: Design for Real Estate and Infrastructure Dev.

15.657, Technology, Globalization, and Sustainable Developmen

15.438, Fixed Income, Securities and Derivatives

15.663, Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics

15.439, Investment Management

15.671, U-Lab: Transforming Business, Society and Self

15.445, Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity

15.770J, Logistics Systems

15.447, International Capital Markets

15.772J (U), D-Lab: Supply Chains

15.450, Analytics of Finance

15.777, Intro to Healthcare Delivery in the US (includes IAP)

15.466, Functional & Strategic Finance

15.795, Behavioral Decision Theories and Applications

15.467, Asset Management, Lifecycle Investing, and Retirement Finance

15.818, Pricing

15.482, Healthcare Finance

15.830, Enterprise Management Lab (Fall thru IAP) (EM Track only)

15.483, Consumer Finance and Financial Products

15.833, Business to Business Marketing

15.487, Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Investment Strategies

15.933, Strategic Opportunities in Energy

15.490, Practice of Finance: Private Equity and Hedge Funds

15.941J, Leadership in the Real Estate Industry

15.491, Practice of Finance: Advanced Corporate Risk Management

15.S03, SSIM: Digital Product Management

15.497, Algorithmic Trading and Quantitative Investment Strategies

15.S04, Cases in Corporate Finance: Bridging Theory and Practice

15.518, Taxes and Business Strategy

15.S05, SSIM: Startup Sales

15.521, Management Accounting & Control

15.S08, SSIM: Biomedical Ventures

15.571, Business Strategy and the Role of IT

15.S09, SSIM: FinTech Ventures

15.655J, Law, Technology and Public Policy

15.S13, SSIM: Dilemmas in Founding New Ventures

15.660, Strategic Hum Resources

15.S14, SSIM: Practice of Finance: Managing Risk in the Banking System

15.662J, Managing Sustainable Businesses for People & Profit

15.S18, SSIM: Strategic Management of Financial Institutions

15.668 (U), People and Organizations

15.S42 Energy Management for a Sustainable Future (U)

15.676J, Work, Employment and Industrial Relations Theory

15.S67, SSIM: Classical Sociological Theory

15.677J, Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy

15.S72, SSIM: The Analytics of Operations Management

15.764, The Theory of Operations Management

15.S73, SSIM: Future Commerce: Rebooting Markets, Money, Transactions and Security

15.762J, Supply Chain Planning

15.S74, SSIM: Future Health:? Reinventing Care, Enabling Prevention, and Transforming Lives

15.763J, Manufacturing Systems & Supply Chain Design

15.765J, Int?l Supply Chain Management

15.768, Managing Services: Concepts, Design & Delivery

15.771J, Case Studies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

15.783J, Product Design & Development

15.784, Operations Laboratory

15.812 (U), Marketing Management

15.821, Listening to the Customer

15.822, Strategic Market Measurement

15.828, Product Management

15.835, Entrepreneurial Marketing

15.841, Marketing Analytics

15.846, Branding

15.847, Consumer Behavior

15.878, Capstone Seminar in Sustainability

15.903, Managing the Modern Organization

15.905, Technology Strategy

15.910, Innovation Strategy

15.911, Entrepreneurial Strategy

15.911, Strategies for Sustainable Business

15.914, Competitive Dynamics and Strategy

15.915, Lab for Sustainable Business

15.S07, The Singularity and Related Topics


15.S09, SSIM: Practice of Finance: Corporate Boards: Their Responsibilities and Functions (pre-requisite 15.402 or equivalent)


15.S10, Social Media Management

15.S14, Central Banks, Monetary Policy, and Global Financial Markets

15.S16, Entrepreneurial Product Development & Marketing


15.S66, Opportunities in The Developing World



15.S72, Introduction to Product Management



15.S74, Strategies for People Analytics