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Title Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Area Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Course Number 15.385
Units 6.0
Capacity 57
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Room E62-250
Time T Th (H1) 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Abstract Students work in teams to develop a feasibility plan for a social venture (either a for profit or nonprofit). Feasibility studies will integrate the marketing, financial, operational and organizational activities required to realize an opportunity. Examines the theory and practice of social innovation (e.g., business, environment, education, and human services) and entrepreneurship in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Discussion topics include social impact modeling, social capital markets, and social impact assessment. Students gain practical knowledge on how to identify potential social venture opportunities; develop skills and competencies for creating, developing and implementing ideas; and examine ways to measure the success and value of social entrepreneurial activity.